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Policy & Procedures
Welcome to the Gypsy Blood Dive! If you are a new friend, we will do everything possible to make sure all of your experiences are safe and enjoyable.

If you are an old friend welcome back, and thank-you!

All members of the Gypsy Blood Dive Team are committed to your safety and dive enjoyment. However, it is each divers sole responsibility to ensure he/she possesses all the necessary skills, training, equipment and insurance required of ocean diving. Make sure before your dive all of your equipment is properly maintained, service and in perfect working order. This is your responsibility, and if you have any doubts, DO NOT DIVE. Ours is a wonderful sport, but not without risks. Your safety while diving is your responsibility, you are under your own care, custody and control while diving.
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The dive boat Gypsy Blood has boat insurance that covers you while on-board, only. The dive boat insurance does not cover divers once they engage in any dive activities. Once you begin to suit up you are considered engaged in dive operation activities (including of course once you enter the water) and you are no longer covered by the boats insurance. Each diver is responsible for his or her own dive insurance and we highly recommend D.A.N. Master coverage or equivalent, http://www.diversalertnetwork.org. All divers, by signing the daily waiver form, acknowledge their agreement that they carry current dive insurance coverage.
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All divers must have the proper certification from a nationally recognized agency such as P.A.D.I., NAUI, etc, for dives they are planning to participate in.

All divers must hold a minimum of advanced open water diver certification. You will be asked to provide you're certifying agency name and certification number for each dive, along with showing a member of the crew your c-card.

The only exceptions will be students with their instructors, doing certification dives. Instructors must discuss and gain approval from the captain on all training dives.
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Booking a Trip with Gypsy
There are several easy ways to book dives aboard Gypsy Blood. If you are an individual diver or a small group, just click on one of our dive days. If the day you click on is a Captains Choice, you will immediately see how many spots are available. If the dive still has openings sign up! You will then be transferred to the secure site Pay Pal where you can pay for your dive with any major credit card. Once the transaction is complete you will receive a confirming e-mail. From there, just show up a minimum of 45 minutes before departure and get ready to go diving!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember, if you do not proceed to Pay Pal to pay for your dive, your spot is not guaranteed. You are only assured of a spot once we received confirmation of payment from Pay Pal. If you just show up the day of a dive because you made a reservation, but did not yet pay, your spot on the charter may no longer be available. So please, make sure we have payment beforehand or you have contacted us directly with other arrangements.

For a Printable version of the dive schedule Click Here

For a printable version of our release form Click Here
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Dive Clubs/Groups of 8 or more
If you are a dive club or have a group of divers of 8 or more, there is a reduced charter rate. Please contact us directly for pricing and arrangements.

Dive Shops
Dive shops can book the entire charter for a flat fee for destinations within 20 miles of Manasquan Inlet. When requesting the entire charter, dive shops must provide their federal tax I.D. number plus $100.00 immediate deposit to secure dates. Virtually all captains choice dates can be converted to dive shop charters provided the dive is still open. Charters can select their own destinations with the approval of the captain. Destinations beyond 20 miles offshore will be billed out at $10.00 per mile. Once you book with us we will list your dive shop, phone number, and web link to encourage divers to contact you directly. Please contact us for further details.
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  • Individual Weekend Rate $120.00
  • Individual Weekday Rate $120.00
  • Dive Clubs/Groups of 6 Divers Call for quote
  • Night Dive 2 Tank $90.00

Full payments must be received before we shove off.

  • Dive Shop Schedule:
    --$100 deposit to secure date.
    --50% of rate due 10 days prior to date.
    --Balance before departure.

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To print off our list of equipment reminders click here

There are a few requirements: First while Gypsy Blood is a big, wide-open boat, storage is not unlimited. Once your gear is loaded on-board, you will be asked to ensure your gearbox fits under your space on the bench.

Oversized boxes, garbage can on wheels, large pelican cases, etc. will not be allowed on the boat. Please be considerate to other divers and leave the big container in your car.

The second is redundant air supply. All divers MUST dive with a pony or stage bottle with a separate regulator, including students. There will be no exceptions to this rule. We do have a small supply of rental pony bottles and regulators please see the rental section of this site.

Obviously ocean currents are impossible to predict and are often very different on the surface when compared to depth. We therefore require all divers to include in their standard gear configuration the following:

  • Audible signaling device.
  • Lift bag or surface marker and a strobe light.
  • Up line that can be secured at depth and long enough to reach the surface.

While wreck reels and dive lights, are not required, they are highly recommended.

Gypsy Blood has added a new and very important requirement. Divers will now be require to carry a 4 foot to 6 foot Safety Sausage/SMB for emergencies. Please click the link here to read the full Requirement

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Blow Outs & Refunds
As a general rule, because obviously weather is highly unpredictable, PayPal refund will be made with 3 days of the cancelled Charter.

Blow Out Policy

  1. If we get blown out the day before or without ever leaving the dock, all divers will receive a full refund.
  2. If the weather is too rough for the original destination and we can safely dive on alternate destination that is what we will do!
  3. If we leave the dock and the captain turns the trip due to weather, everyone receives a full refund and lunch is on us!
  4. If we leave the dock with a dive shop who has chartered the whole boat. The trip leader will be called to the wheelhouse to discuss options.
  5. If we get to the wreck and make one but not all of the scheduled dives, full fare has been earned.
  6. No Shows. Any individual or group that books a trip on the Gypsy Blood is responsible for the FULL COST of the trip upon reservation. Any no-show at the dock will be charged full fare, regardless of any change in destination. Anyone who is their own weatherman and decides not to show; will be charged full fare. The boat will leave the dock promptly. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to load your gear.
  7. Under normal circumstances, if you do not wish to make the dive for other reasons i.e. sea sick, tired, can't equalize, etc. you are still responsible for the fare and no certificate will be issued.

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Food & Accommodations
All Shop and Club trip include Soft Drinks and Water which is included in the cost of the trip. There is rest room on board for your convenience as well as a fresh water shower near the stern.

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Instructor Rates
If you plan to book spots for the purpose of instruction, Gypsy Blood employs the following guidelines:

  • Instructors with 4 paying students, the instructor dive's free
  • Instructors with 6 paying students, the instructor dive's free, as well as one professional assistant (Instructor, AI or DM)
Please contact us directly to ensure our destination is appropriate for your students.
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Miscellaneous Information

  • We will provide a thorough review of the boat and basic safety procedures before we get underway. Once at the site we will also provide an overview of the wreck.
  • We require all divers, regardless of planned dive depth, to make a 3-5 minute safety stop at 15 feet. Plan your dive accordingly.
  • All divers must enter and exit the water with a dive buddy and must descend on the designated "down line", whether the anchor line or another designated line attached to the wreck.
  • Nitrox divers must show a valid certification card and have cylinders clearly marked with mix contents.
  • We enforce all fish and game regulations on board, so before you take lobsters to the surface, or spear fish, please make sure they are of a legal size. There are no exceptions.
  • Of course illegal substances, alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden on board.
  • A two-tank wreck dive may include two dives on the same wreck, or dives at two separate locations. Often weather can be a big determining factor in this decision.
  • All night dives are 1-tank dives and all divers must be at least advanced certified or diving with an instructor. All divers must have a light, one back-up light, wreck reel and of course redundant air supply.

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